Festa do Botelo 2018

Festa do Botelo 2018


January 11 to 21

VIII Route of skewers O Barco Vai de Viños

January 13


Place: Lauro Olmo theater

Time: 10 hours

Number of tickets for sale: 1150

Prezo: 18 euros

Maximum number of tickets per person: 10 tickets

II Blog trip do Botelo do Barco

Activity: Visit to a “botelos” production company, two wineries in the village of Barco and tasting of the botelo in a restaurant in the village of Barco.

Objective: gastronomic promotion of the botelo and also tourism of the town of Barco.

Attendees: Galician bloggers and communicators related to gastronomy and tourism.


1- Jose Arnoso: www.turvegal.com  e www.paseargalicia.com.

2.-Chus Nenalinda. Blog: siguiendoanenalinda.blogspot.com (Valdeorras)

3-Anabel Otero: www.murmullosentremaletas.wordpress.com  .Twitter e Instagram: @Dacoteroo (La Otero). (Ourense).

4-Emilio Vila: www.cocinaandgo.blogspot.com   (Vigo)

5-Jesús Hermida Iglesias. Blog: www.viajerosnosotros.com

6-Emilia Santiago Blanco. Blog: www.cousasdemilia.com.  (Pontevedra)

January 18

Cinema: Cine Club Groucho Marx

Title: All about roasting

Place: Lauro Olmo do Barco theater

Time: 19 and 21 hours

January 19

Teatro Lauro Olmo

Título: Cranios privilexiados

Compañía Excentricas (Mofa e Befa)

Time: 21 hours

January 20

Day da XVIII Festa do Botelo

Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia

-III Feira do Botelo de produtos tradicionais

Place: Paseo do Malecón (Casino area)

Time: 11am-8pm (Saturday) and 12-2pm (Sunday)

Number of stands: 23 with different products

Reading of the proclamation

Place: Lauro Olmo theater

Time: 12 hours

Preacher: José María Rodríguez (Polo). First Councilor for Culture of the Barco Municipality in charge of organizing the Botelo Festival in its first edition, 18 years ago.

Honorable Mention: Manola García (Parra). Cook in one of the families related to the restaurant in the village of Barco. The Parras have been associated with bars and restaurants in the village for many years.

José María Rodríguez Ramos is first on the right in the photo. The first councilor to organize the Festa do Botelo 18 years ago.

Official food

Place: Calabagueiros Pavilion

Time: 2:30 p.m

Photo boothdo Botelo

Place: Entrance of the Calabagueiros Pavilion

Time: 17 hours

Performance of the Aramio group

Place: Plaza Andrés de Prada

Time: 18:30 hours

III  Foliada Cantos de taberna

Place: Bares do Barco

Participating groups: Macizas Centralis, Corenta and Chinco boys, Pingalle o Moco, Abertal group and Os Palletas

Time: 19 hours