O Botelo 2016

O Botelo 2016

concello do barco cartel festa do botelo en VIGO 2016 01-16

III Festa do Botelo do Barco en Vigo






The XVI edition of the Festa do Botelo will be held in O Barco on January 23, 2016. Leading up to the date there will be a series of activities dedicated to the promotion of this event, declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia in 2014.


  • Meeting of bloggers and gastronomic journalists

The meeting of bloggers and journalists specialising in gastronomy and tourism will be held in O Barco on Saturday, January 16, so that they can see how the botelo is prepared and visit several of the town’s wineries. The main event will be sampling botelo in a town restaurant, paired with wines from DO Valdeorras wineries that are located in O Barco.

Botelo preparation: Embutidos García Marcos.

Collaborating wineries: Roandi, Eladio Santalla Paradelo, Cooperativa Xesús Nazareno, Bodegas Godeval.

Lunch at: Tapería Agarimo.


  • Botelo pinchos workshop and pairing with DO Valdeorras wines (wineries of O Barco)

Start time: 6 p.m.

Workshop length: 2 hours

Attendees: 20 people

Chef Rocío Garrido, responsible for the blog “La Cocina de mi Abuelo” and author of the book Cociñando coas razas autóctonas, will give a pinchos workshop featuring botelo. It is designed for hospitality industry professionals in the town and if there are spots available it will be opened to the public. In addition, the workshop will be completed with a pincho-wine pairing class by the expert sommelier in Galician wines, Jorge Cardoso.

Wines present in the pairing will be those of the wineries Eladio Santalla Paradelo, Roandi, Godeval and the Cooperativa Xesús Nazareno.

  • Ticket sales XVI Festa do Botelo

Price: €15 / person

Number of tickets for sale: 950

Where to purchase tickets: O Barco Casa de la Cultura.

Groups wanting to sit together during the meal will have to mention this when picking up the tickets.

Restaurants and bars in the town will offer botelo on their menus that weekend for everyone who wants to try it in their establishments. In the brochure O Barco Vai de Pinchos (and also in the Pinchos Route section of the website www.festadobotelo.es) you can see the places where you can try botelo both in small plates and for meals.



Cinema in the Casa de la Cultura. Lauro Olmo Theatre.

Film:  Sweet Bean

Cine Clube Groucho Marx

Time:  8:30 p.m. The film will be shown again on Sunday the 24th at 7:00 p.m.


XVI Festa do Botelo

  • Food Fair

Saturday and Sunday morning in the area of Paseo do Malecón, between Abdón Blanco Street and the Campo da Festa there will be several stalls where you can buy different gastronomic products such as honey, bicas (cakes), cured meats, etc.

  • Opening ceremony and honorary mention

Location: O Barco Casa de la Cultura. Lauro Olmo Theatre.

Event time: 12:30 p.m.

Honorary mention 2016: José Luis Suárez Mateo “Sito o do xuíz”. Hotelier linked to the Old Town of O Barco with two establishments that energised this neighbourhood: the Café Real and the Veira Sil.

-Festival opening: Francisco Javier García León “O Careca VII”. Resident of O Barco who promoted the Burial of the Sardine event in the town. His couplets are an essential part of bringing the town’s Carnival celebrations to an end on Ash Wednesday.


– Also performing at this ceremony will be the O Barco singer-songwriter Anxo Rei and the Orfeón Valdeorrés. They will perform 2 pieces dedicated to the botelo and will open and close the ceremony.

      • Botelo sampling

Location: Calabagueiros Pavilion

Time: 2:30 p.m.

      • Orchestra in the tent of the TVG Program Aquí Galicia. Live broadcast

Aqui Galicia

Location: Campo da Festa

Starting time of the broadcast: 4:30 p.m.

The TVG program Aquí Galicia will broadcast this show live for more than two hours, presented by Lucía Rodríguez, Juan Fuentes and Bernardo Montaña. Audiences will get to know a little more about O Barco through reports about its gastronomy and its tourist attractions. Program attendees will also enjoy live music.

      • Tavern songs

In the afternoon/evening eight musical groups will play in several venues in downtown O Barco. These groups will also be in attendance during the botelo lunch in the Calabagueiros Pavilion.

Cartaz cantos de taberna



Cinema in the Casa de la Cultura. Lauro Olmo Theatre.

Film:  Sweet Bean

Cine Clube Groucho Marx

Time:  7:00 p.m.



The well-known cartoonist Luís Davila, “O bichero”, produced the poster for the Festa do Botelo 2016 and the t-shirt illustration, in the style of the cartoons that he publishes daily in the Faro de Vigo.


White T-shirts with an illustration by Luís Davila. They will be offered for sale on the day of the Festa do Botelo in the Calabagueiros Pavilion itself and also during the opening ceremony at the O Barco Casa de la Cultura.

Price: €7 / t-shirt

Diners will have a discount of €2 / t-shirt if they present their receipt when making the purchase.