Presented the poster for the XVIII Bottle Festival in the town of Barco that will be held on January 20 and 21

Presented the poster for the XVIII Bottle Festival in the town of Barco that will be held on January 20 and 21

The mayor of Barco, Alfredo García and the Councilor for Culture and Education, Margarida Pizcueta were in charge of presenting the poster for the 18th edition of the Bottle Festival 2018. A poster that under the slogan “The father of all bottles” alludes to the world of the cinema and the last installment of the Star Wars saga which, as councilor Pizcueta indicated, “is now topical all over the world and we want the bottle to also achieve that internationality”. In addition to presenting the poster for this new edition, they also previewed some points of the program “that are being finalized”, the councilor explained.

The Botelo do Barco Festival will be held on the weekend of January 20 and 21 and as explained by the mayor, Alfredo García: “we extended the activity to the whole weekend because we want people to visit us and taste the botelo in restaurants in the village, not only on the day of the institutional meal on the 20th in the Calabagueiros pavilion”.

News in the purchase of tickets

In the presentation of the poster, some of this year’s novelties were already announced in relation to the purchase of tickets to attend the meal at the Calabagueiros pavilion on January 20. As a first novelty, they explained that the sale of tickets is being changed to the weekend before the party and will not be done on a Monday as has been usual lately. The sale will take place on Saturday, January 13, at an as yet unspecified afternoon. “This way, people who work during the week will be able to buy tickets,” explained councilor Margarida Pizcueta, who also indicated that the place of sale of tickets for the Lauro Olmo Theater will be changed to the third floor of the Casa do Concello do Barco. And finally it was also announced that the 1150 tickets that will be on sale will increase in price and will cost 18 euros each and that each buyer will only be able to purchase a maximum of 10 tickets.

The councilwoman, Margarida Pizcueta, indicated that the rest of the program will be made public next January 9.


Day: January 13

Place: Third Floor of the Barco Town Hall

Time: in the afternoon not yet specified

Number of tickets for sale: 1150

Price: 18 euros

Maximum number of tickets per person: 10 tickets

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