The 18th Festa do Botelo will honor the first organizer of the party

The 18th Festa do Botelo will honor the first organizer of the party

The Mayor of Barco, Alfredo García and the Councilor for Culture and Education, Margarida Pizcueta were in charge of presenting the full program of the XVIII Boat Festival that will be held in Barco on January 20 and 21. This year’s announcer will be the first organizer of this event, José María Rodríguez Ramos, who started this gastronomic party when he held the position of Councilor for Culture. The current councillor, Margarida Pizcueta, pointed out that “thanks to him, a project started which later also involved the work of many people and today it is becoming the third most important gastronomic festival in Galicia”. The honorable mention will once again go to a cook from the town, Manola García (Parra), belonging to a family closely linked to cooking in the region. The announcement event will be on the 20th and will act as the opening event of the Festa do Botelo on the official day. Other activities such as theatre, cinema, meeting of bloggers, tavern songs and a fair of traditional products complete this year’s program which starts this weekend.

Among the novelties of this year in the program is the celebration this Saturday, the 13th, of a new Botelo Blog Trip, the second edition, where 6 Galician bloggers and communicators will travel to the region to find out how botelo is made and what it tastes like, in addition to get to know the area from a tourist point of view and will also be completed with visits to wineries. In addition, on that same day, tickets will go on sale at 1150 to attend the official meal on January 20 at the Calabagueiros pavilion. Tickets are going up in price this year and will cost 18 euros and only 10 tickets can be purchased per attendee “the price has been raised so that it is not competition from the restaurants and that people are encouraged to go to them to taste the bottle”. The appointment for the purchase will finally be at the ticket office of the Teatro Lauro Olmo this Saturday from 10 am. At first, the plan was to sell them in the town hall building in the afternoon, but a change in the mayor’s schedule forced a change to do it in the morning.

A Festa do Botelo do Barco celebrarase o fin de semana do 20 e 21 de xaneiro e tal e como explicou o alcalde, Alfredo García: “ampliamos a toda a fin de semana a actividade porque queremos que a xente nos visite e deguste o botelo nos restaurantes da vila, non só o día da comida institucional do día 20 no pavillón de Calabagueiros”.  Para o rexedor barquense “a posibilidade de que a festa crece está en aumentar o número de restaurantes que poñan o botelo nos seus menús esa fin de semana”. Ademais o día 11 dará comezo a VIII edición da Ruta de Pinchos “O Barco vai de viños” por bares da vila que rematará o día 21. Unha actividade organizada pola asociación Centro Comercial Aberto (Aeva) e coa colaboración do Concello do Barco.

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