The 6th Festa do Botelo in A Coruña will be held on February 16 and ticket sales are open

The 6th Festa do Botelo in A Coruña will be held on February 16 and ticket sales are open

The sixth Festa do Botelo in the city of A Coruña will be held on Saturday, February 16. The venue for this new edition will be the Arbore da Veira restaurant in Monte de San Pedro, just like in the previous five celebrations, although this year with new management in the hotel center. The Barco de Valdeorras Council is organizing this new Botelo festival in the capital of Herculaneum to continue the dissemination of the Valdeorras king of winter product. The botelo, that is to say, the stomach of the pig stuffed with marinated ribs, smoked and consumed cooked, is achieving great recognition and diffusion outside the Valdeorres lands.

The party will begin at 12:30 with the reception of the diners and then the meal in which the starters will be the traditional soup of the cocido and the typical empanada of maravallas. The main course will have botelo as the protagonist, accompanied by cachelos, chorizos and vegetables. There will be a kiss for dessert, as well as a musical group to liven up the afternoon. To accompany the food in the bottle there will be DO Valdeorras wines. Lunch costs €33 per person and reservations can now be made by paying to an account number that the restaurant has open. Those who go in a group should specify the name of the group they belong to in order to organize the tables.

This Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia since 2014 celebrated its nineteenth edition last January 19 in the town of Barco. Now its promotion continues outside the Valdeorres lands and in addition to the food in A Coruña, another one is already being prepared in Vigo in its 5th edition for the 9th of March.

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