The IV Festa do Botelo brings together 180 people in Vigo to close this year’s promotion

The IV Festa do Botelo brings together 180 people in Vigo to close this year’s promotion

The fourth Festa do Botelo in the city of Vigo was celebrated today with a great turnout. Close to 200 diners tasted the unique bottle accompanied by cachelos and vegetables in the lounge of the Hotel Coia in Vigo. The event was attended by the mayor, Alfredo García and the councilor for Culture and Education, Margarida Pizcueta, accompanied by the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero and the general secretary of the Atlántico Axis, Xoán Vázquez Mao, as institutional representatives of the Barco Council. In addition to the world of culture, there were the Galician writer and editor, Bieito Ledo and the painter, Antón Pulido.

The meal started at 14:00 with soup and maravallas pie, then the bottle was served. The botelo tasting, that is to say, the pig’s stomach stuffed with marinated and smoked ribs and then cooked for consumption, was accompanied by white wine from Adega D´Berna and red wine from Cooperativa Jésús Nazareno de O Barco. For dessert, there was the roxón cake, the kiss and the music for the closing dance of the event.

This was the last promotional event for the bottle this season. The Barco Council organized a series of activities this year and gave continuity to others in order to continue to make known the sausage king of Valdeorrés winter, the botelo. This Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia since 2014 celebrated its eighteenth edition last January 20 in the village of Barco. It continued its promotion outside the Valdeorres lands in A Coruña last February 3 and finished the activity today in Vigo.

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