The XVII Festa do Botelo will have the actor Carlos Blanco and the cartoonist Luís Davila as announcers

The XVII Festa do Botelo will have the actor Carlos Blanco and the cartoonist Luís Davila as announcers


The Department of Culture and Education of the Barco Council made public today the names of Carlos Blanco and Luís Davila as heralds of the XVII FESTA DO BOTELO. The party, which will be held on January 21 in the town of Barco, takes a step further for its promotion outside the borders of the Valdeorresa region with the election, for the first time, of heralds who are not originally from the town. In this case, the actor Carlos Blanco and the cartoonist Luís Davila will be in charge of inaugurating this new stage of this celebration declared in 2014 as a Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia. In addition to being preachers, they will bring to the village, their show Menú da Noite which they will stage on the 22nd at the Lauro Olmo Theatre.

The boost in promotion already started last year when more activities were programmed around this product (fair of traditional products, meeting of bloggers, etc.) to give shape to a program in which the tasting of the bottle is the central axis. In fact, the designer Luis Davila “O Bichero” was already in charge of creating the 2016 poster and this year the same image has been renewed with minor changes. The poster shows one of his regular characters with a bottle in a fountain ready to serve. With this design, the party posters and also the image for the t-shirts that will be on sale were created.

The author of this image of the Festa do Botelo, Luis Davila, as he himself explains, was born with a marker in his hand and grew up drawing and then realized that he could make a living from it. He studies Graphic Design and since 1998 publishes a daily cartoon in the Vigo Lighthouse called “O Bichero” and over the years he has 6 compilation books of his work. He has thousands of followers on social networks who are waiting for the release of a new vignette where he portrays current events with reluctance. Since 2014, he has participated with the actor Carlos Blanco in the show “Menu of the Day” and since this year they have expanded the repertoire with the so-called “Menu of the Night”.

The duo of preachers Luis Davila- Carlos Blanco brings together some of the best of the Galician scene in the world of comic illustration and interpretation. To talk about Carlos Blanco is to tell the story of an actor-creator of multiple shows. Trying to define his work refers us to what he says on his website: “How to define what one does…Telling, acting, feeling the audience’s breath, the laughter, the silence…Seeing full theaters, with the expectation of enjoyment, going out, enjoying” . (

His reticence and ease as a monologist will surely help him to create a speech that will be remembered for years to come. How they will set up the event is still a secret that will only be revealed on the day of the proclamation itself, January 21, at the Teatro Lauro Olmo do Barco. Entrance to the proclamation, as every year, will be free and there will also be an Honorable Mention given to an outstanding cook from the region. The following day the two preachers will stage their show “Menu da Noite” in the same Barque theater and the entrance will cost €10/person.

This new edition will come with more novelties in which the aim is to continue the promotion of the bottle and expand the gastronomic party beyond the mere tasting of the product. The party will have a series of activities that are being worked on and will be announced once the Christmas festivities are over.


Proclamation act

Place: Teatro Lauro Olmo do Barco

Day: January 21

Event time: 12:30 p.m. Free entry

Preachers: Actor Carlos Blanco and cartoonist Luis Davila

“Night Menu” show with Carlos Blanco and Luis Davila

Place: Teatro Lauro Olmo

Day: January 22

Time: 19 hours

Price: €10/person

All activities will also be promoted on the web:

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