Botelo’s third blogtrip opens in Madrid

Botelo’s third blogtrip opens in Madrid

This weekend the “boteloneta” will set off to visit O Barco and various points in the Valdeorras region to introduce the bottle to journalists and gastronomic experts. This year, journalists who work in the media in Madrid and also Galician professionals will be around the lands of the bottle. The objective of this activity of the Botelo Festival program is the promotion and communication in social networks and media of the Botelo de O Barco product and its touristic-cultural environment. The activity will take place this weekend, prior to the XX Festa do Botelo do Barco, to promote its knowledge and for the public to come to the village, next weekend, to taste the product in the restaurants and enjoy of the festive atmosphere with food, events and tavern songs, etc. It will also be used to promote the tourism and culture of Barquense and the region in general. This year the novelty is the start of the promotion of the bottle in the capital of Spain to awaken the taste for this product for future actions in Madrid.

Planned activity program

Saturday, January 11

11 a.m.: Start of the activity. Presentation of the participants and welcome

12 p.m.: Live broadcast of RNE5’s Degustar España program on it Teatro Lauro Olmo with Manuel Moraga as director and presenter. Free entry for all those interested in seeing how the program is broadcast.

1 p.m.: Visit to the ROANDI winery in the town of Barca. Roandi is in charge of the wine at the Botelo Festival and one of the DO Valdeorras wineries located in the Barca town hall.

2:30 p.m.: Lunch at the Casa Galaica restaurant. Presentation of the product and tasting of the Botelo.

6 p.m.: Walk around Xagoaza and visit the “Cova dos Monxes” (Monks’ Cave” from Bodegas Godeval.

8:30 p.m.: Route through the bars of the town of Barca with the route of spikes “or boat vai of spikes”.

Sunday, January 12

10 a.m.: Breakfast to exchange opinions and resolve doubts.

11 a.m.: Visit to the botelo production company in Viana do Bolo. García Marcos Sausages. Explanation of its preparation in the company itself and telling the entire drying and smoking process.

12:30 p.m.: farewell to the activity



Freelance journalist and wine expert.

Since 2018, he has been directing and presenting the weekly program “Degustar España” on RNE5, in which he talks for 30 minutes about gastronomy in Spanish territory and tourism.

Academic of the Performing Arts of Spain


Journalist and qualified sommelier.

Directora de

Member of the Madrid Press Association (APM), member of the Madrid Association of Sommeliers (AMS), member of the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV), Ambassador of the Tapa Academy. Sherry Women.

Gastroystyle magazine and Restauradores magazine on paper. She is also a talk show host on a radio program by Eva Robles titled “All in Freedom” on Libertad FM. More than 1,236,000 visits and its social networks.


Freelance journalist at RNE5 with the program “Escapadas” and in other publications such as Origen magazine.

Origen is a magazine about gastronomy, products and gastronomic tourism, aimed at women and men who love gastronomy, travel and the rural and gastronomic culture of our country. It is a bimonthly publication, with a circulation of 18,500 copies, distributed to both end customers and companies such as El Corte Inglés Gourmet stores, restaurants, Paradores and rural accommodation, gastronomy schools, as well as purchasing managers, importers and producers. . It is a paper magazine but the reports are also posted on the web, once the publication period has passed, so the impact is double.

This website receives 160,000 monthly visits:

Examples of previous reports: (Toro, pág 44 y siguientes) (Navarra, pág 44 y siguientes)


Journalist and social media communicator, expert in gastronomy and wine tourism. Director and presenter of the radio program “Comer e Falar” on the SI Radio Galicia station.

Active member on social networks with his own name and through those of the Comer e Falar program. Attendees to numerous blogtrips in Galicia and Portugal for tourism promotion.


Expert Galician chef for years. He currently cooks the program “Estache bo” that airs daily on TVG. Collaborator of the program “Comer e falar”.

Promoter on social networks of gastronomy topics.

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