The Botelo arrives in Vigo this Saturday

The Botelo arrives in Vigo this Saturday

The second Festa do Botelo in the city of Vigo will be held this Saturday, March 5. The venue for this new edition will be the Hotel Coia restaurant, just like last year’s celebration. The Barco de Valdeorras Council is organizing this new Botelo festival in the olive town to continue the dissemination of the Valdeorras king of winter product. The botelo, consisting of the pig’s stomach stuffed with marinated ribs, smoked and consumed cooked, is achieving great recognition and diffusion outside the Valdeorres lands.

The meal will start at 2:30 p.m. with the traditional stewed soup and the typical maravallas empanada. The main course will have botelo as the protagonist and accompanied by cachelos, chorizos and vegetables. For dessert there will be kiss. To accompany the meal there will be a bottle of red wine from the Jésús Nazareno Cooperative. The meal costs €25 per person and reservations can now be made by paying to an account number that the restaurant has open.

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