The Botelo beyond the traditional elaboration

The Botelo beyond the traditional elaboration

The cook and blogger Rocío Garrido offered at the “Obradoiro de Pinchos de Botelo” ideas for eating botelo in a different way than the traditional one. The workshop was launched on the afternoon of Monday 18 January with the collaboration of Restaurante Piquiño which offered its facilities and the wineries: Godeval, Eladio Santalla Paradelo, Roandi and Cooperativa Jésús Nazareno which contributed the wines for subsequent harmonization with the prepared dishes.

Preparando os pratos

Twenty people, including hoteliers and fans, took part in this activity in which they learned live how to make 4 bottle skewers and then tasted them with the wines following the explanations of sommelier Jorge Cardoso. The attendees gave their opinions on each dish and were also surprised by the harmonies between them.


The four dishes prepared and the pairings that were made were:

  • “Botelo en camisa de repolo” with the godello of Godeval, vintage 2014.
  • “Creamy rice with botelo, mushrooms and Cebreiro cheese” with sparkling Brut Toast from Adega Roandi.
  • “Chickpea hummus with bottle on prawn bread” with Hacienda Ucediños wine from Adega Eladio Santalla Paradelo, vintage 2015.
  • “Bottle inverted croquette” with mencia, 12 months in barrel, Valdouro de Cooperativa Jésús Nazareno.

Arroz con botelo  Botelo en pan de gambas  Croqueta invertida de botelo  Sumiller Jorge Cardoso na cata

Botelo con camisa de botelo Viños harmonizados cos pinchos

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