Menus of restaurants that offer bottle this weekend

Menus of restaurants that offer bottle this weekend

Six restaurants in the town offer botelo as a main dish on their weekend menu. Here we offer the menus and prices of some of them so that you can reserve your table.


Cooked croquettes

Toss it with cabbage, chickpeas, potatoes and sausages. Bottles of Serra da Lastra Sausages.

Varied dessert and coffee.

Wines: Mencía Valdouro and Godello Viña Abad

Menu price: 25€/ person

Reservations phone number: 988 32 19 35


Primeiros: Empanada de boletus con touciño entrefebrado, ovos  rotos con grelos e zorza, ensalada morna de orella e garavanzos.

Segundos: botelo con repolo, patacas e garavanzos; brocheta de porco celta e bacallau ao forno.

Sobremesa: Escuma de canela con fresóns ao mencía,  “torrija” caramelizada e brownie de castañas.

Viños: Godello e mencía de Valdeorras

Menu price: 20 €/person

Reservations phone number: 988 68 23 49


Pancake au gratin with bottle cream and turnips

Boiled soup

Pour it with chorizos, cachelos, vegetables and chickpeas

Godello peach sorbet, bica and “roxós” cake

DO Valdeorras wines, coffee and spirits

Menu price: 20 €/person

Reservations phone number: 988 34 74 23

Restaurante Casa GalaicaCASA GALAICA

Choose from among the first: stewed soup, turnip scramble and stewed croquettes

Second choice: Botelo or cod with cabbage

Dessert: pancakes, fried milk and chicharrón cake

Menu price: 20 €/person

Reservations phone number:  988 34 72 35

These Barco establishments also offer their bottle menu:

  • Al Natural: 609 13 81 91

Al natural

  • Fernando III: 988 32 03 71

Restaurante Fernando III

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