The XVII Festa do Botelo do Barco will serve more than 750 kilos of this product

The XVII Festa do Botelo do Barco will serve more than 750 kilos of this product

The 17th Botelo do Barco Festival is being held this weekend to celebrate this particular sausage that is made with the stomach of the pig stuffed with marinated ribs and then smoked. This product is eaten cooked with vegetables and potatoes and since 2014 the exaltation party, which is celebrated in Barco, has been declared of Tourist Interest in Galicia. The party will have around 1300 attendees at the Calabagueiros pavilion food and many residents and visitors will also taste it in the town’s restaurants.

The activity on Bottle Day, Saturday 21 January, will start with a fair of traditional products from 11 in the morning. In Praza Andrés de Prada there will be 14 stalls selling bottles, honey, jams, etc. The fair will be open all weekend.

Once the fair has opened, at 12:30 p.m., there will be a proclamation ceremony with the awarding of this year’s Honorable Mention to Lula Pulpeira (Obdulia Fidalgo), the cook responsible for preparing the food from the bottle for 15 years. Then this year’s heralds, the actor Carlos Blanco and the cartoonist Luís Davila, will do their interpretation of the bottle. It will be the first time that a proclamation will be made spoken and drawn with two hands, according to the heralds.

The meal will start at 2:30 p.m. in the Calabagueiros pavilion. 750 kilos of wine, 350 kilos of vegetables and 500 kilos of potatoes will be tasted. All this washed down with about 600 bottles of mencia wine and served by 50 waiters and 12 people in the kitchen. In the pavilion there will be an area selling t-shirts and bottles of wine, as well as a photocall and also a photobooth to take souvenir photos of this day. deste día.

The bottle party will continue in the afternoon with the live broadcast of the TVG program, Aquí Galicia, from Praza Andrés de Prada and the second edition of Cantos de Taberna. Six groups will be entertaining the evening in twelve bars in the village.

On Sunday, the fair of traditional products will continue in Praza Andrés de Prada with the performance of the group Os Palletas. And in the afternoon, the activity will close at 7 pm with the performance of Carlos Blanco and Luís Davila in their Menú da Noite show. Tickets are on sale at the price of €10 at the Ton y Son store and one hour before at the Teatro Lauro Olmo box office.

The party is guaranteed all weekend in Vila do Barco.

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