The XXII Festa do Botelo do Barco brought together more than 1,300 diners in the Sports Pavilion and another 1,200 made reservations in restaurants

The XXII Festa do Botelo do Barco brought together more than 1,300 diners in the Sports Pavilion and another 1,200 made reservations in restaurants

This year, the Festa do Botelo brought together more than 1,300 diners at the Calabagueiros Sports Pavilion, where the official lunch of this festival was held. Around another 1,200 diners made reservations at the restaurants to taste the botelo and the Valdeorrés stew, within the Gastronomic Days that are being held this weekend and next in O Barco. The guest of honor this year was the Bercian City Council of Bembibre, whose deputy mayor, Sigifredo Benavides, proposed a twinning between the two towns, united by a similar sausage – in Bembibre they celebrate the Botillo Exaltation Festival.

The events of this XXII edition began at 12 in the morning at the Lauro Olmo Theater with the tribute to the cook Concepción Moral, who worked for many years in the kitchen of the legendary Mesón JR, well known throughout the region for the excellent tapas it serves. had in the letter. El Mesón JR was a family business in which her husband, José Arias Arias (known as Pepe el del JR throughout the neighborhood) also worked, whose personality was also well remembered throughout the event. Pepe and Conchi’s daughter, Marta Arias spoke on behalf of the family to thank him for the tribute and remember his father, who unfortunately could no longer enjoy this day.

The cartoonist “bo telo” (in Galician it is good to have it), was the central phrase of his proclamation, in which, with this play on words, he highlighted all the good things about O Barco and the Festa do Botelo: the Sil River, the landscapes, the wines and, of course, “o BOTELO, que é BO TELO,” he said.

Presented by the actress Fátima Delgado, the event also featured a performance by the Orfeón Valdeorrés, which among other pieces performed the Canción del Botelo. And he staged the entrance of the boat at the Teatro Lauro Olmo, as well as a piece “A borcha”, which raised laughter from all attendees.

Starting at 2:30 p.m., the popular lunch was held in the Calabagueiros pavilion with the usual Botelo menu, accompanied by chorizos, potatoes and replacement. In total, 900 kilos of Botelo, 150 of chorizos, 300 of potatoes and 350 of vegetables were served. Everything, washed down with 600 bottles of red wine from O Barco and, for dessert, 60 chicharrones pies and 80 bicas.

Lunch featured musical entertainment from the groups that, in the afternoon, will continue with the traditional tavern songs in the local bars. These tavern songs will be held between 7 and 10:30 p.m., with the participation of half a dozen groups in 9 establishments.

Amancio Prada’s performance, tomorrow Sunday at 8:00 p.m. at the Teatro Lauro Olmo, will put an end to this XXII edition of the Festa do Botelo. Tickets for this concert, at a price of 10 euros, are on sale in advance at Ton y Son, and can be purchased one hour before at the Theater box office.

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