The bottle sign designed by Luis Davila present in the streets of Barco

The bottle sign designed by Luis Davila present in the streets of Barco

The poster announcing the XVI Festa do Botelo is already visible in the streets of the village of Barco. This year’s design was carried out by the designer Luis Davila “O Bichero” and shows one of his usual characters with a bottle in a fountain ready to serve. With this design, the party posters and also the image for the t-shirts that will be on sale on the day of the bottle party, the 23rd, both at the Teatro Lauro Olmo during the act of reading the proclamation and at the food venue, the pavilion from Calabagueiros do Barco.

Restaurante Casa Galaica


The author of this year’s Festa do Botelo image, Luis Davila, as he himself explains, was born with a marker in hand and grew up drawing and then realized that he could make a living from it. He studied Graphic Design and Illustration and worked in different advertising agencies until in 1997 he entered the design section of the newspaper Faro de Vigo. In 2013 he started working as a freelancer. Since 1998, he has published a daily cartoon in the Faro de Vigo called “O Bichero” and over the years he has already published 6 books, a compilation of his works. He has also designed images for numerous companies and since 2014 has participated with Carlos Blanco in the show “Menu of the Day”. He also has a facet of painter with more than twenty exhibitions. He has thousands of followers on social networks who are waiting for the release of a new vignette where he portrays current events with reluctance.

Foto Luis Davila

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